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Anyone got an Aerogarden?

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Not remotely car-related! BUT I got myself an Aerogarden last month as I grow superhot chillis each year, and last year was a total washout - due to the usual crap UK weather and not having any outdoor space to move plants to I ended up with less than a half dozen actual chillies. So far since starting with the AG late December I've got two plants doing really well, two fairly well and the other three are struggling. Wondering if anyone here has/had one of these and what kind of success you've had with them? I'm pretty pleased that I have a Bubblegum 7-pot already coming along nicely in what is a grim, rain-lashed UK January so I'm not about to give up. Just want a few tips as this is the first foray I've had into aeroponics, and don't want to make mistakes. For example, there seems to be a green sludge (algae) forming on some of the sponge growing pods, I understand this is fairly common but is it harmless? and is the AG really a viable alternative or a pricey toy?


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