So I went and looked at that house that I mentioned yesterday. I haven’t been inside as I’ll have to wait to go with our realtor for that(we lucked out that our preferred realtor has dibs on this listing), but the house is vacant so I drove down the driveway today, and yesterday just to get a feel for it, and measure commute times.

I love it. its on a quiet road, and on an 1/4 mile driveway on top of that. You cant see a single neighbor from the house. The property is much more hilly and varied than I thought which is a good thing. There is one MAJOR downside tho.


There is basically no garage. There is an old shed which the listing claims is a 2 car garage, but that is a lie. its a 20x24 shed with a sliding door, and its in rough shape, bad enough that I wound’t want to store a car in it. it would be a nice lawn equipment storage place tho. This would be a down grade from the 24x24 garage we have now which we FINALLY got a powered door on last November.

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Photo: I like this style a lot.

So I did a bit of research into prefab garages. It seems like the road I’d like to take. I’m wondering have any of you taken that route? any helpful tips, companies you’d recommend, or things to avoid? One thing I absolutely would love to have in a garage is a concrete floor, AND a central floor drain for clean up. I think I’d go for spray foam insulation wise.

for anyone curious who “cheap” things are in northern Wi. This house is 5 minutes from one town and 15 from another bigger one. It’s 1800 sq/ft, has 3 bed 2 bath, it is only 3 years old, and has 15 acres of land. all that and it’s currently listed at 179,000. Which our realtor says is too much, and I’d agree because it doesn’t have a useful garage.


Also my FIL just sold a house that is 30 minutes out of town, and 5 minutes from a village*, with 10 acres, an attached 3 car garage and a 30x60 steel shed. The house was 3000sq/ft, and 5 bed, 2 bath. He sold that for just under 240k.

point is northern Wi is cheap.

*a village is a spot on the highway with 2 bars, a church, and a gas station that closes at 7pm. 

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