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Now that I’m not on the graveyard shift anymore I’m back to going to the Goodwill Outlet near the office. I thought I broke my addiction to that place, but no, I’ve been there twice in two days. This is going to be trouble...


Anyway, today I found two thirds of an iOttie CD-slot phone holder. I’ve got the part that goes into the CD player, and it works. Almost too well, but then again, I shouldn’t need to remove it very often since I have the same six discs in there that I put in four years ago and the changer doesn’t seem to have a problem switching discs with the mount installed. I also have the part that grips the phone, and that too seems to work fine. I searched all around, but what I couldn’t find is that nut that holds the two of these pieces together. As I just discovered, that nut isn’t the same size across different iOttie mounts, so I can’t steal one from a different mount to get this one to work, nor can I mix and match parts between the other mounts. :(

So, does anyone have a broken one of these mounts sitting around that they might be willing to part with? As long as that nut isn’t broken, of course. I know I could buy a whole one for $10-20, but I’d like to see one or two devices that were written off as scrap come back to being useful again.

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