trying to configure a virtual network for one of my classes, and what seems like it should be the simplest thing to do is turning out to be a major pain. I need to get the IP address Subnet Mask and the interfaces for the router, but all the commands I know haven't worked and I'm stuck now.


I only have a fairly limited set of commands available to use in the virtual environment.

here's what I have to work with:

aaa Authentication, Authorization and Accounting.

access-list Add an access list entry

banner Define a login banner

boot Modify system boot parameters

cdp Global CDP configuration subcommands

class-map Configure Class Map

clock Configure time-of-day clock

config-register Define the configuration register

crypto Encryption module

do To run exec commands in config mode

dot11 IEEE 802.11 config commands

enable Modify enable password parameters

end Exit from configure mode

exit Exit from configure mode

flow Global Flow configuration subcommands

hostname Set system's network name

interface Select an interface to configure

ip Global IP configuration subcommands

ipv6 Global IPv6 configuration commands

key Key management

license Configure license features

line Configure a terminal line

logging Modify message logging facilities

login Enable secure login checking

mac-address-table Configure the MAC address table

no Negate a command or set its defaults

ntp Configure NTP

parser Configure parser

policy-map Configure QoS Policy Map

port-channel EtherChannel configuration

priority-list Build a priority list

privilege Command privilege parameters

queue-list Build a custom queue list

radius-server Modify Radius query parameters

router Enable a routing process

secure Secure image and configuration archival commands

security Infra Security CLIs

service Modify use of network based services

snmp-server Modify SNMP engine parameters

spanning-tree Spanning Tree Subsystem

tacacs-server Modify TACACS query parameters

username Establish User Name Authentication

vpdn Virtual Private Dialup Network

vpdn-group VPDN group configuration

Edit 2: was in the long level of commands and found the right one now thanks for the help


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