Anyone have any idea how many amps it would take to power a car seat? - Edited

Back when I was in college, a friend and I got a seat out of a W123, then made a frame for it, and put it in our living room. I’ve found some decently priced E92 sport seats, but unlike the W123 seat, it’s electric. Now I know they’re 12 volt DC motors but I don’t know how many amps they’d need to work correctly.

I had a powered E36 seat as my desk chair (I have a picture, but it’s on my personal computer at home) in that same apartment. I was able to make the motors move with a 12V DC inverter that I think output 3A. It could barely make the seat move and I couldn’t sit in it and move it or it’d trip the inverter out. So anyone have any idea what amps a seat motor runs on?



I took your advice and found a fuse diagram:

It looks like it’s on a 30A fuse, which is a lot. 

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