From an old Italian saw. The parts dealer is a pain in the ass to deal with. After waiting on them for quite a while I gave up and attempted a fix... which broke apart when I tried to install it. Worked fine for other parts that had broken but not for this one since it’s under tension. Unless I can find some way of securing it it looks like I have to do more hounding at the dealer... If that happens it would probably be faster just to design and fabricate a new part myself. They’re that pathetic.

So anyone have any idea how to get this together with some reasonable strength? If it hadn’t broken right at the arm I’d just screw the damn thing down where it belongs...

The attempted fix. Bored two holes with a Dremel, which seemed to melt the plastic together, then tried to fill the holes with glue... but because of the angle it evidently didn’t get in deep. I’m just glad it came apart now instead of while it was in use.