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Anyone have any ideas for a standing, ongoing online race?

I like that some of you folks are organized and motivated enough to wake up early on a Saturday morning to have an endurance race against each other. That is nuts and while I’m too freakin lazy and don’t have the time when the races go off, I’m jealous.

What I’d like is for Oppo to have a standing open time trial that runs for a week where any of us can connect and do a few laps against the clock and have an open time trial. Run whenever you like. Take as many laps as you want. The only things you can’t change are track, car, tune, weather, and time of day.

Now, I used to run a bunch of multiplayer servers in college for games like Quake and I could modify the code to do whatever I like. I used to introduce weird weapons like bouncing grenades and whatnot because I could. Good fun.


Now that I’m running console games I don’t seem to be able to get what I want. If I only need to hold a session open I can throw a PS4 or an Xbox in a data center so that’s doable but even like that I’m not sure I can set something up that will work as I’d like.

There are likely some games I’ve not tried that might allow such features. Anybody have any suggestions? I’d love to have a standing week long time trial for all of us to goof around on.

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