My wife is determined that our next vehicle will be a minivan. I’m determined that it won’t. So, we’ll likely compromise and get a minivan. See how that works? :)

I do not like the Grand Caravan because of its ancient design and its terrible small overlap crash test score. The Odyssey and Sienna are WAY too expensive, and the Pacifica is a new FCA product which I inherently distrust. They’re expensive, as well.

That leaves the Kia Sedona. I’ve reached out to a former Kia salesman, and he had nothing but good things to say about them (and him being a former salesman means he has no ties to the company now).


I can get a used and even a certified pre-owned Sedona for a decent price. I have zero experience with Kias, though. Anyone here have more insight?

I like the looks of it (considering it’s a van), and the higher up trims come with a surprising amount of features. Crash test scores are good, as well.



I’m just not sure I am ready to give up on life and get a van, though. We only have one kid right now but will be trying for number two at the end of this year.

I personally want to consider continuing our Mazda ownership tradition and upgrade from our CX-5 to a CX-9, but oh well.