In researching options to convert my 1961 F100 pickup over to a dual master cylinder, this came up as an option.

The truck has a factory single reservoir brake master cylinder and for safety reasons I want to upgrade to the dual. I’ve been on the forums and asked some local Ford Gurus about this kind of thing, and basically there’s no single bolt-on solution. One problem is stroke length of the MC piston. The brake pedal is set up to push the factory MC some length that is likely to be shorter than what is required for full activation of the dual MC in the event of a failure. Mind you, it would work all the rest of the time just fine BUT the whole reason I’m doing this is for an added layer of safety in the event of a failure, so there you have it.

The kit in the link/image I posted includes everything you need to make this work, including an adapter bracket to bolt up to the firewall, and it sure looks like it has a little bit of linkage trickery to make up the distance in throw from the stock pedal assembly to the dual MC. The product description mentions this specifically, and it even uses the same MC (from a Corvette) that the guy at my local shop said he used on his M715 when he upgraded THAT to a dual MC. Coincidence? I think not.

So my question here is, does anyone have experience with either a) Classic Performance Parts out of Placentia, CA - or b) know of a reputable source for a product/kit like this? or c) maybe you’ve got a better idea.

The reason I’m leaning toward spending $300 on a kit rather than sourcing various other parts and bolting it all up is that the time and effort involved in patching this system together could quickly exceed the peace of mind and simplicity of getting this kit. I still have to make up new brake lines to separate the front and rear circuits, but this seems like a series of headaches solved instantly. Maybe.

I appreciate any input you all might have. The Ford forum guys, while highly knowledgeable, generally lean toward sourcing parts individually. But I’m waiting to see if they chime in on this particular kit... the kit idea came from one of them in the first place.


Pic of the truck in question, alongside its new friend, for your time.