My dad and I are entering our Mustangs in a car show for our second time. This time I want to wax and clay bar my car and this will be the first time I’ve done it.

I have done my own research online but I learn so much here I figured I would ask here. My Dad waxed his car last year and it came out amazing. I have never seen the paint look that good. We will be using Meguiars clay bar kit and Turtle Ice Wax. It will be sunny out and around 75-80 degrees when we do this.


Just a quick question, I’m worried about my stripes. I’ve heard it’s ok to wax over them but you have to be careful because it’ll leave residue on the sides. How do you prevent that? Thanks for any help! I actually took Friday off from work to do this. And because of that, I’m working every day until then so I won’t see these responses immediately.

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