I'm trying to help my mother solve her car problem. She likes having two places to live - Boston, MA area (home) in warmer weather and Ft Myers, FL in winter months. But she doesn't want to drive a car back and forth (I can't blame her, although I really enjoy the drive). In years past we would drive car back and forth seasonally for her, but with our families that's not really practical anymore. For the last couple years she's had two cars. The car that lives in FL is pretty whipped and sits with a cover on it for most of the summer. It's kind of a drag, every fall when she goes down there is some kind of issue with it.

I'm thinking she needs to do a long-term rental (5 months) in FL and not worry about having a second car, but I don't know how to shop that out properly. Avis/Enterprise certainly wasn't very affordable (~$500+/mo). I think the right deal might be cheaper than insuring a second car or shipping one north/south every season. She doesn't need a 'new car' rental, but it would be nice to have something reliable. Anyone have any worthwhile ideas?

Basically, it's either have one car that gets transported back and forth, or find some kind of short-term lease or long-term rental arrangement in FL during the winter.

The other option is to find a newer, more reliable beater car for her to keep in FL. (remember, this is a car for an old lady, so be reasonable)

Another thought I had was that she should just buy something cheap in the fall and sell it in the spring, but that's something I might be able to do, but not really right for her.