Anyone here have a camper?

My wife and I used to camp all the time before our daughter was born, but haven’t gone since. No particular reason why, just busy. Anyways, my wife’s parents had a camper when she was growing up and brought up the idea a month ago or so. Being the dutiful husband I am (who loves toys of all shapes and sizes) started to look into them. We also went to a small expo put on by our local Camping World last Sunday.

While we’re open to all options, we seemed to gravitate towards the travel trailers. While a motorhome would be nice for longer road trips, its largely useless outside of that. We ended up both liking a Heartland Pioneer BH270, which is a 32' travel trailer, with a queen size bedroom and bunk beds for our daughter/future brood. Here it is:


The two big issues are (aside from paying for it) storage and towing. While I could put it in our driveway, it would effectively block off half of it, so I would want to store it somewhere, and just get it when I need it. The other issue is that it was a GVWR of 7,700 which is well above my Land Cruiser’s 6,500 tow rating. Not to mention putting 10% of that on the hitch is 50% over the Class III tongue weight rating of 500 lbs. So, I would need to get a truck to pull it.

While I love my Land Cruiser, I also have a compulsion to trade vehicles every couple of years. I’ve had my Cruiser for 3 years meaning I’ve started getting the itch. I also refuse to drive boring vehicles, so I’ve been considering a 2010-2013 Ram Power Wagon.

While they don’t have nearly the payload of the “worker” 2500s, the 1700-1900 payload and 10,000 lb towing are more than good enough for me. It would also guarantee that I would still be able to get back into the woods for hunting. They are also horrendous on gas, although my cruiser only averages 16mpg on my commute, so I would need to get a commuting vehicle too.


Realistically we couldn’t do a trailer until next year at the earliest, due to putting new windows in our house this year, but I would need a truck first anyways, so it could work out.

So what do you guys think? Am I out of my mind? Anyone interested in a 2004 Land Cruiser with 165k miles and mods detailed on my page?

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