Anyone Here Watch Leepu and Pitbull?

As a gearhead, I always get excited when new car shows come on. I have to give everything a chance. Three episodes in on this one though, and I just am a bit confused.


For those not familiar with the show, it involves two people who build custom show cars for cheap. Leepu is a custom car fabricator who pulls inspiration from virtually anything and doesn’t write or draw any plans. He simply goes at cars and makes them into something crazy.

To the left (at least it was at the time of editing) is the car from episode one: a 1981 Camaro. They do some....interesting bodywork to totally change the whole car.

Episode two involved a 1972 Ranchero. Pictures are near impossible to get online, but they essentially made a Challenger Ranchero; using the actually trunk off of a new Challenger and giving it a similar face.


The third and most recent episode is damn near impossible for pics. And it confuses me. A girl had an older OZ Rally Edition Lancer. She wanted to make it into a two door sports car with a $10K budget. Now, why not just buy a decent new car for $10K is beyond me. But, they end up making something unique. The twist is that halfway in the build she needs a 4 door again. So now the 4 door turned into a coupe needs to be a 4 door again.


But the whole think screams sketchy. The roof is a mix of Lancet and older eclipse. It is spot welded together in sections. There can’t be any strength or safety.

Its an interesting show to say the least. I don’t know if I would drive what they make, but you won’t find another one on the road. I guess I will watch the rest of the season just to see what they do.

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