OF COURSE YOU FU**ING WANT ONE! The hardtop alone can be resold for $1k!

What’s the catch? It’s a 1.6L 1991 Miata that was parked for 4 years...it doesn’t run. Here’s the run-down from the seller’s post on Miata.net:

Hard top attached to free car

I have a ‘91 white hardtop that is attached to a car that I drove into a garage 4 years ago with the intention of turning it into a race car. I drove it into the garage and have not touched it since. Because Life.

Hard top $800 white no defroster
Car : free
(must take car)

$600 if you can get it on Labor day or the day before.

Car has not been started in 4 years will definitely need to be towed (it did drive in though)

Chicago 60618