Let my company know this past Friday morning (Feb 3) that I had an offer from another company that I was probably going to take. My supervisor asked if I could give him the day to talk with one of the VPs and HR and put together a counter offer. I said fine - partially knowing they wouldn’t be able to even get close to my knew offer because of cheapness and politics within the company.

They presented me the offer and I took the weekend to think it over. Today I confirmed I would be leaving and provided them a resignation letter stating that due to 2 weeks vacation I had scheduled in February (Feb 11-26), I wished, on good faith, to provide them 2 full weeks (10 days) of attendance so my final day would be March 3. 

At the end of the day today my supervisor came to me and said HR has provided him direction for my final day to be this Wednesday Feb 8. This was a verbal message from him to me.

To me this sounds like a termination notice. I’ve been reading on the Ministry of Labour website, which states a termination notice is to be in writing, and it looks like they should? owe me 2 weeks of wages as termination pay.

Is that correct? I’m going to call the MOL in morning and get clarification.

It’s funny, they only counter offer less than 5% of people wishing to leave; I’ve been critical in a lot of projects and operations during my time with them; gone well under paid and over worked for my entire duration; and even in leaving I didn’t want to show them the back of my hand by giving notice then leaving on vacation and cutting out.. Then they turn around and do this. It’s not much of a surprise, they are a crap employer, but I didn’t think they would set the bar this low one last time for me.


Any insight would be appreciated.

Here’s a picture of shexy headers for reading