Anyone in Portland Oregon Playing in the Snow?

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It rarely ever snows in the greater Portland metro and mother nature just dumped at least 2 feet of snow in less than 4 hours which is in insane for the valley, snow usually turns to rain before it hits the valley floor. I’ve already encountered people going crazy, there was a guy in an Audi A7 doing donuts in the middle of the deserted intersection, I tried to take a photo but he took off as soon as we pulled out onto the street. There were also so kids in old Ford pickups cutting massive figure 8 and donuts in abandoned sports authority parking lot. I was wondering if it was any of you guys out there. The power even went out which I made a video for. If I had a cheaper SUV or pick up I’d find an empty parking lot to be a hooligan in too. Oppolock baby!!


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