Now that I have an actual desktop for the first time in years I’ve decided I don’t need such a beefy boi anymore. I’m toying with the notion of getting something more portable. If so, I’d be happy to hook another Opponaut up with a discount before going to eBay or wherever you sell things nowadays.

Lenovo Thinkpad T540p. It’s fully functional with just a few scratches on the lid. Battery is in good health. It’s a low spec model unfortunately so no discrete graphics or 1080p display.


It has 16GB DDR3, subject to change. If what I buy uses the same RAM type and has less of it I’ll be swapping them out and will adjust the price accordingly.

Has SD card reader, biometrics, USB 3.0, Mini DisplayPort & VGA outputs.

I’ll be transferring my SSD to the new one. You can take it with no drive or for a few bucks more I can throw in a 256GB Win10 SSD I have spare.


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