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Anyone interested in buying an '82 Alfa GTV6?

After some time to reflect on my current situation and the fact I simply don’t have the resources to really do what I want with this car...


I have a 1982 Alfa Romeo GTV6 in Austin Texas. I bought it in ROUGH shape back in 2009. It’s now rust free aside form some superficial areas and the paint is good. Most of the front suspension hardware is new. Compression is good. Starts right up and idles smoothly. Interior is in great shape - it was originally blue but I replaced it with black. Body is mostly straight. The AC sort of works, but freezes up in minutes so I suspect something is wrong with the thermostat. Relays for lighting to take the load off the switches. Hella driving lights. Personal FIttipaldi steering wheel. Thermal insulation under the floor. Rebuilt AFM. Essentially every ground and connection cleaned and/or replaced. Various other repairs and upgrades, as you do. All in all it’s a complete car, although some of the rubber isn’t original spec.

Problems? Typical second gear grind. Minor oil leakage from (I hope) the sensor. It isn’t totally watertight, thanks to the aftermarket window seals.


I had an offer of $7,500 a couple of years ago that I stupidly passed up, and he’s now found another car. Right now I’m just putting out some feelers.

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