I spent many of my formative years cruising around the northwoods on a snowmobile, well before I had a driver’s license. College and moving to a bigger city got in the way though, and i wasn’t able to do it for probably 10+ years. Number of years back after my FIL bought a cabin, he got into it, which brought me back into it as well.

Which brings me to the point of this post. My daughter is 4.5 and has discovered that she loves snowmobiles. Considering she also begs for UTV rides, its not particularly surprising. Thankfully, she’s finally big enough to fit into a DOT helmet, which means she can go on trails. Up until now, shes just been able to do rides up and down the road.


What really grabbed her attention was the neighbor’s son driving around their yard on a little Ski Doo Mini Z 120. He’s a bit older than her, probably 6-8, but she was entranced. I told her this morning i wanted to take her to get fitted for a helmet this weekend, and she asked if I could buy her a little snowmobile like the kid had.

Ideally, I wish someone made a little 12v snowmobile, like a power wheel with a track, but I haven’t seen one. No one has made a really small snowmobile since the Arctic Cat Kitty Cat, which stopped production in 2000. I was able to find one on ebay with a really low starting bid and relatively close to us, so i put down a bid. No idea what’ll come of it, but based on what i’ve seen they can be flipped readily.

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This one is the same year that i bid on. Its a ‘91, but didn’t materially change from ‘77. Came with a banging 60cc engine and 8mph top speed.



Anyone have any ideas on alternatives or just want to talk sleds? 

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