Turns out it would almost be a bolt in swap in the '79 Lincoln Continental I'm planning to buy next weekend. It will bolt up the the C6 transmission that's in the car(with an adapter) and puts out just about the same HP and Torque as the factory 400CI V8. I'll just need to fab up some motor mounts,wire it and plumb it and it would be good to go. With the 4BT cummins I would see in the high 20's mpg wise. much better than the factory 12 mpg going down a hill. It would be the perfect highway cruiser.

Has anybody ever rolled coal in a big Lincoln?

I know the 80's continental you could get with a BMW Diesel but that was now a midsized car.

I've seen a few Caddies with a similar swaps(mostly 6BT swaps but the procedure is the same) but never a lincoln.