My questions are as follows and pertain to our 1964 Impala Coupe with the 250hp 327 and 2 speed auto -

1) What is the difference between the 250hp and 300hp 327’s (i.e. what did they have that gave them the 50hp bump)?

2) Similar to the above, what was the difference between the 327 in the normal car and the 327 in the SS?

3) This is an opinion question - should we upgrade the engine to the 300hp/SS engine spec, or leave it as stock?

The car has 60k miles and is in decent condition, it’s just been sitting in a garage under a cover for about 8 or 9 years.


Here’s the car when my dad first bought it when he was in his 20’s. That’s also his Celica that he raced in SCCA wheel-to-wheel racing. My dad is pretty cool.