Anyone Know About Municipal Auctions?

Because I have bids in for 3 cars. My wife’s close friend is broke and the transmission just ground itself to pieces in her Suzuki Forenza. This led to her losing her job for absences, and stuff is bad in her house. We paid her power bill this month so she would have air conditioning and lights. She lives about an hour away, and it’s hard for us to see her and her son because we don’t have much time.

So I have about a grand in max bids on the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Rolling Stock auction.

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All of the vehicles apparently run. If I win the auction for the Explorer, she’ll get the Cherokee. If I win all three, I’ll sell the Cherokee and the Uplander and give her the Malibu - unless she wants the Cherokee. But a Malibu with ~55k and city maintenance is likely to last a little longer than a Cherokee that’s 9 years older, has 200k more miles, and an unknown history.

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