I’m finally getting around to disassembling this fine piece of German engineering in an effort to free up a little extra space in my living room. $7,500 and 55” worth of HD beauty is now scrap due to high parts costs and technological progress; last year the color wheel shattered leaving this thing semi-functional but only in B&W - no thanks.

I’ve started the gutting process, removing most of the optics and audio parts, but I can’t quite figure out how to break it down further. I’m not sure how much of the original 176 lbs have been removed, but probably not enough to make this an easy carry out to the dumpster. Probably the heaviest part would be the glass on the front. I’ve looked at the service manuals and they really don’t say, for obvious reasons, how to completely deconstruct this machine.

So, does anyone have experience taking these things apart? Any suggestions on how to break it down further?