One of my friends is considering buying a 2014 Subaru Outback. He has had back trouble for some time, and recently his Honda coupe has gotten more difficult for him to get in and out of. He went and test drove a number of different cars last week, and from his perspective, the Outback was the winner for ease of getting in and out of and ride comfort, and it also seemed like a pretty good value for money.

I was curious if anyone here knows anything about the "new" 2.5l engine in the new Outback. I know the EJ25D in my '98 Outback is notorious for headgasket failures (been there done that), but I would assume that after 15 years of practice, Subaru would have ironed the kinks out of their 2.5l boxer design.

My friend would probably get the CVT, since as stated, driver comfort is more important that driving excitement.