This place might have what you're looking for... long as you're looking for a Crown Victoria, Charger, Tahoe, Impala, Cavalier, 4th gen Camaro, Astro, Contour, or (possibly natural gas powered) Civic.

It's basically a roadside lot crammed with former police and local government cars.

The majority of vehicles appear to be CVPIs and Tahoe, but there's some Camaros, Civics, Impalas, Astros, Contours and Cavaliers mixed in, along with a couple Chargers and maybe some Caprices and some other miscellaneous cars.

I mean, take a look at how many cars are there!

Now, the Street View is dated as 2012, and I haven't been by there myself since before then, so I don't know if things are still the same here or not.


Anyways, here's a few pics of what it looks like if Street View doesn't work for you.


Wouldn't mind heading down to check it out sometime to get some in person pics. Maybe one of these days.