Because I found one.

Occasionally, I poke around the site of this Miami based salvage car dealer and I sometimes find some interesting things.

Now, not all of their inventory is salvage. They also sell repaired cars, normal use vehicles, export and foreign market vehicles, and the occasional new cars.

Not really much notable at the moment, until this.

A 1993 Ford F-350 Crew Cab Long Bed Dually with a 7.3L diesel V8.

As you can see from this main image, it's pretty clean. Rather well taken care of, though there's some clear signs of wear and aging in the cab, under the hood, and in the bed.


It's got a manual transmission, RWD, and 221,213 miles on it's digital odometer.

But for what it is, it's in rather good condition. But the questions is...are they asking too much?


Selling price is $4,900.