Anyone need some 2001 Honda Civic strut mounts?

Long story short: I ordered new front strut mounts for my 2001 Civic from Rock Auto. Turns out my car, despite being a 2001, uses the 2002 style strut mount plate on the top of the strut. New parts don’t fit, and can’t be returned because they already “show signs of installation”. The old ones were actually in much better shape than I was led to believe, so I put them back in. So now I’ve got two Moog strut mounts for a 2001 Honda civic that I don’t need.

Does anyone here want them?

The other option I have is to get my hands on some 2001 style strut mount plates, but given the 2002s actually seem a bit better designed, I’m tempted to stick with them. This also solves my little mystery that I had when I was trying to install them. The 2001 mounts use a plastic bearing with a different shaped mount, and the 2002 mounts use a metal and plastic bearing with more of a cup-shaped mount.

2001 strut mount:

2002 strut mount:

(note the cup shape underneath - the 2001s don’t have that).

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