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Anyone ordered from "" ?

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Just curious if anyone has ordered from this website before. This site seems to have far better pricing than anywhere else I have seen but I worry it is too good to be true. I am going to ask my local tire shop if they can come close to the price I found online. Then I would rather just pay them but otherwise I will order them online and ship them over there to be installed.


I am definitely set on doing the Nokian WRG4 as the next tire choice for my STi. Yeah these will not give my canyon carving fun like my current 200TW Falkens but at least they will last a serious amount of miles and allow me to avoid chain restrictions for ski trips without melting in the heat. Eventually I will pick up another set of wheels to run another set of 200TW summer tires on but that might take a bit of time to afford. I should probably paint the Miata, pay off student loans, and/or do more track days instead of buying more wheels lol.

Keep in mind that I definitely cannot do a true winter tire because I will 100% melt the damn things. And that would also require me to buy two sets of tires and more wheels immediately since my current tires are donezo after my trip back from Utah. So the Nokian is my number one choice, just have to figure out where to get it from and order shortly.

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