I'm currently thinking about buying a 1983 Tredia (1.6L, with the super shift manual).

The seller claims it needs new brake pads on the front, a new waterpump, register belt and a new CV joint (he has all the parts and will give them to me if I buy the car). But, does anyone know how hard/easy it is to change a CV joint on the Tredia? Brake pads, waterpump and register belt should be quite easy, I've done that many times before on other cars, but the only car I've ever changed a CV joint on was a Golf Gti 16v (Mk2).

The seller also claims that the car has 55 HP, but I think he is confused about the difference between HP and KW, so my guess is that it has about 75 HP since that was what the non turbo 1.6 had.

He's asking $1500 for it, that's a bit steep even here in Norway, so I've bid $800 on it. I'm willing to stretch to $1000, since insurance is dead cheap, fully insured it'll be $75 per year or so.


So what do you think guys? Should I buy it if the body is solid (that is if he let's it go for $1000 or less)