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Anyone Remember That Weird "S" Thing From Middle School?

Where you were the lamest kid in class if you didn’t know how to draw it? Apparently everyone wasnt just into Suzuki. The thing that’s messing me up is how this doodle was so widespread before the internet and doesn’t have any real backstory of origin. Thought came up because I’m mini-hnnging over Suzuki Equators right now.


There was another variation of it as an infinite knot which may have been the original design but little kids turned it into an S, then tried to make it a fictional gang sign because 90's kids were ruff and tuff with their afro puffs, homeslice.

*The Lady of Rage (explaining the afro puffs reference).

OMG Snoop Dogg looks so young!!!

(Sorry, here’s the version with the “correct” backing samples that I bump on my drives).

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