Hello Opponauts!

So, I’ve been interested in Street Luging for a while, having done it a several times in my late teens... I thought it would be cool to get back into, being as it was a lot of fun... But then I was searching online to buy a street luge, and I notice that there is a significant lack of manufacturers producing street luges... And none of the companies that I have found that do produce them make any using carbon fiber...

So I thought I’d check here, and see if any of you Opponauts were into street luging... and if so, get a little marketing research info from you... If you are interested in street luging, I have a couple questions for you:

1. If a High-Quality Carbon Fiber Street Luge, complete with Trucks and Wheels, featuring adjustable foot rests (to allow adjustment for rider height), came onto the market for $1,000 (ones of metal construction go for $650+), would you buy one?


2. Would you donate $750 to a crowdfunding campaign as a pre-order, if you ended up getting your Street Luge at a 25% ($250) discount off of the purchase price, and also got free shipping to your door for pre-ordering?

If you are interested in Street Luging, please leave your responses in the comments.