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Anyone up for an E30 Touring Euro delivery?

My ‘89 E30 Touring will be done this week. It’s in great condition (not pristine) and has been significantly overhauled and will not be overly expensive ($4.5k). Question: who’s interested in an Euro delivery? Fly over, have a long road trip in it and that take it with you to the US. At >25 years old it’ll be legal. (repost for the afternoon crowd)

I’ll be taking new pictures next Friday.

Replaced in 2015: viscous clutch, exhaust, rear brake lines, rear brake discs + pads, radiator, steering wheel, fluids, filters, plugs, shift boot and some misc items. I also replaced the front seats (matching unripped interior) and swapped an original leather BMW steering wheel back in. There’s also a period correct BMW Bavaria CIII radio. There are no rust issues I’m aware off, although you will find a little if you look hard enough as it’s a 26 year old German market car which had some use. Only known issue: headliner isn’t very nice.


Price suggestion: $4.5k for the car and my help with everything on the European side. This excludes shipping costs, the paperwork in the US and possible temp plate/insurance costs. I will help you get those plates though, and if needed I can drive the car to a shipping company.

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