My ‘89 E30 Touring will be done this week. It’s in great condition (not pristine) and has been significantly overhauled and will not be overly expensive ($4.5k). Question: who’s interested in an Euro delivery? Fly over, have a long road trip in it and that take it with you to the US. At >25 years old it’ll be legal. (repost for the afternoon crowd)

I’ll be taking new pictures next Friday.

Replaced in 2015: viscous clutch, exhaust, rear brake lines, rear brake discs + pads, radiator, steering wheel, fluids, filters, plugs, shift boot and some misc items. I also replaced the front seats (matching unripped interior) and swapped an original leather BMW steering wheel back in. There’s also a period correct BMW Bavaria CIII radio. There are no rust issues I’m aware off, although you will find a little if you look hard enough as it’s a 26 year old German market car which had some use. Only known issue: headliner isn’t very nice.

Price suggestion: $4.5k for the car and my help with everything on the European side. This excludes shipping costs, the paperwork in the US and possible temp plate/insurance costs. I will help you get those plates though, and if needed I can drive the car to a shipping company.


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