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Anyone Up For Some Sumo? (GTA Online - Xbox One)

Car sumo, that is.

The most recent GTA Online update not only added three new custom vehicles, but also added a fun new Adversary Mode, Sumo.


It’s pretty self-explanitory, up to 8 players compete in a car sumo match, last car/team standing wins the round. First team to win 1-7 (depending on setting) rounds wins.

And GTA Online is offering double $ and RP to players who participate in the two new Sumo playlists (Playlist 1 includes I (University rooftop) and II (Island), while Playlist 2 includes III (Hotel rooftop) and IV (Maze Bank Building, 4 players maximum)) between today and Sunday.


I’m hosting an invite only session on Xbox One and will be hosting both playlists, back and forth.

The settings will be 4 teams (1-2 players each team), Compact class (which I find very fun to play this with), first to win 7 rounds wins.


I hope to get 8 players in a session so we can have fair 2 on 2 on 2 on 2 competition.

So, if anyone’s interested, feel free to reply below, or send me a message (gamertag is same as my username), and I’ll invite you into the session.

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