Good Morning everyone. I’ve had a few cold mornings where my battery warning light has come on and I do not believe the 128i has ever had it’s battery replaced. I would like to register it properly and the like, but I live quite far from the nearest dealership and I like to do most things DIY. Has anyone on here used the Carly app?

I would like to register the battery and also be able to reset my service alerts after I complete them. I see that eventually it will allow me to do all of these things ($44.99 for the app, $9.99 for battery registration, $4.99 for service pack). Plus it will let me code things too. I would like to activate closing the windows and sunroof with the lock button and also the hard braking lights. I’m also looking for a bluetooth OBD2 transmitter to do this with.

Anyone have any recommendations or reviews of the app and bluetooth OBD2 transmitters?

Thanks! Here’s a Dinan tuned 1M for your time!