Anyone Want Lucy?

My old Galant VR-4 is for sale again, only this time it’s running. Mitsubishi must have spent some money on this paint. It’s been theough hell, it’s 27 years old and still photographs this well.

The discription is pretty accurate of coarse he leaves out that he’s only had the car for 4 months. I’m guessing he’s thinking now is a good time to sell on the coat tails of two BaT sales going into 5 digits. Both a stock and a highly modified one sold for over 11k this month. His price seems reasonable too, he bought it for 1200, and probably put a grand into it plus his own time doing the work. Also it looks like put more miles on it in the 4 months he’s had than I did in the 2.5 years I had it.


He hasnt made a CL ad yet just the FB market place.

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