Anyone want to carry out some CSI?

Bulletproof (evident at end of video) Mercedes SUV cuts off white motorcycle... poorly. White motorcycle then tries to escape, but MB catches on and crashes into them. Passengers escape. Red coat escapes through Ruben Dario, grey through Lamartine. It looks like the guy in the Nissan Versa had a gun and decided to start chasing, maybe SAG officer by mere chance. Or armed civilian (unlikely). Then MB SUV goes into garage.

I wanna bet this was road rage. Because if the motorcyclists had guns, the guy in the MB wouldn’t have gotten out of the car. Also, what’s up with the guy in the background just standing in the middle of the road and then disappearing into the park?


Further investigation shows the guy in the grey car WAS a State AG officer, so he chased and arrested the motorcycle driver... On charges of robbing an ATM. Not sure why the Merc driver got involved at all. You can later see him in a follow up tweet;


That was a.... that was a rollercoaster CSI

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