I’m back at my apartment (I was home for a month), and I have some stuff laying around that I just want to get rid of. Had plenty of plans but never the funds so looking at these just saddens me. Opposite Lock gets cheaper prices than CL. I’m in CNY (Syracuse NY to be exact). I doubt anyone on here would want this but no harm in trying

- 16” Technomagnesio TM Sports

These wheels were more popular in their home European markets, made by a sister company of Compomotive and Speedline Corsa under the MiM conglomerate. I don’t care much about their history, I just think they look good. I originally wanted to refinish all of them and put them on my crv, but I never got around to doing it as I never properly finish anything. I started to strip 1 wheel down to bare metal for powdercoating but the rest are as I bought them

$120 but honestly just throw me an offer

16x7, offset +40, 5x114.3 bolt pattern, made in Italy


I also have a Honda K24A1 engine.

Pulled from an 04 crv. Complete long block with fuel rail, injectors, and even the plastic engine cover. Most of you guys like obscure European stuff from some forgotten year of the 80’s so I won’t bother going into details unless someone expresses interest