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Anyone watch Truck Wars on History last night?

Obligatory truck picture (of two of my trucks)

For a two hour special I thought it was pretty good and that they covered quite a few of the major turning points and innovations in trucks such as: 4wd, the semi trailer, introduction of the F-series/CK series, Jeep/Bronco/Scout/SUVs, luxury oriented trucks, introduction of the factory crew cab, Utes, monster trucks, the growth of the Dodge Ram, and a few others. I learned a few things I didn’t know and found it decently informational while still entertaining (with some minor errors naturally, showing wrong generation trucks, an engine diagram with the spark plug upside down etc). Then there was the fun bonus of having Jason Torchinsky as one of the truck experts.

Of course there were a few things that I though were missing. A few of the things I would have like to see would have been:


- The birth and influence of the extended cab 

- The use of diesel engines and the legacy built by the Cummins which really kicked off the diesel wars.

- The influence of the 2001 F-150 Super Crew* 

- The clear and massive Japanese influence on the small truck market (this is a huge thing to leave out in a show called Truck Wars IMO).


- The introduction of and battle of the factory sport trucks.

The show focused pretty heavily on the Ford/Chevy rivalry as well, which admittedly is a pretty big thing in the truck world, but I felt like they brushed over a lot of other truck makers such as International and Dodge, not to mention others such as Plymouth, Hudson, Studebaker, Diamond T, Diamond REO, Jeep (pickups specifically) and others that were major players early on in the pickup market that weren’t mentioned at all in the show.


At the end of the day however there is only so much you can cover in a two hour special, maybe History should make this into a series, I know I’d watch that.

*while obviously not the first crew cab, this was really the first widely available 1/2 ton crew cab, and it’s hard to argue that the crew cab craze didn’t start here.


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