Anyone watching Formula Drift: Texas right now?

>I tuned in a while before Matt Field vs Vaughn Gitten Jr.

>I was playing some Mass Effect and JR's car caught my eyes

>I was impressed that Field's S14 was 800 hp (still lower hp than JR's car)

>Field was chasing and dove into JR's tiresmoke and stayed there

>It looks like he could really handle the power.

>Announcer J-Rod was freaking out about "contact", both cars were stable

>2nd run, Field leads and pulls huge lead despite a slight (less than 100 hp) power gap

>After some deliberation, judges hand the wind to JR

MFW that verdict was dropped:


Are you serious? Since when was contact without ruining your opponent's driving a problem? Has any of the judges seen BTCC?


Here is the separation on the second run:

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I'm so done. I guess all professional motorsports are not as we remember.

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