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Anyone with a decent smartphone/mobile device here?

If so, can you help me out?

On said smartphones, go to this site and look through the most recent entry:


When you’re done, come back here and tell me how it looked. Not opinions on the webcomic as a whole, I wanna know what the image quality was like. Could you see the photos decently? Could you read everything? My $50 paperwieght makes nearly everything look like shit, but my sisters have looked on their beefier devices and they said it all looked good but I’m not sure. The issue is with LINE Webtoon and why I hate it is you have to downsize your pics like crazy and in my case the photo quality suffer, even when I sharpen the images or use downsizing software. If it looks crap for everyone I’m probably just gonna abandon this site altogether.

If by some chance you’re interested in what you see I recommend visiting my Tapastic or Flickr instead.

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