Virginia WWY or WVY-5217

willkinton247 regularly sees this car on his daily commute.

Is he interested in buying it? No... that’s not why we’re interesed in the info.

We’re curious how a 2002-2005 Mercedes Vaneo came to be registered in the state of Virginia. As far as we know, this was never sold in North America. It was a popular vehicle for wheelchair accessability in Europe, but this one does not appear to have the ramp kit fitted.


Seeing weird cars in Northern Virginia is not that uncommon, seeing how VAG’s offices are located here. What’s odd about this, is that it has a stick figure family, and a non-manufacturer plate. That plate also looks [EDIT* to the uneducated eye] like it was issued very recently (Mrs McMike’s car has the VJT prefix, and it was registered back in August.)

Anyone want to clue us in on this thing’s history, or what it’s registered as?

Another Vaneo image for your time.


*Doug DeMuro, license plate enthusiast knows way more about my home state plate sequencing that I even knew existed.