I just got some quotes to tint my front windows on the Foresters, and they were very reasonable $70 per car for two front windows, plus the little triangles. This is for lifetime warranty 30% film. I can get them done for even less, like $50 if I choose the no warranty option.

Abarth would be $80 for the cheap stuff, $175 with warranty, still not horrible but a bit more than I expected for such a small car.

The part that is horrible is tint on the headlights or taillights. They want $45 per light, and would discount a bit for all 4 - $160 per car. I just bought a heat gun, and a squeegee, watched this video and I want to tackle this on my own. I was thinking of just buying some 3M rolls on Amazon. The guy in the video does it in under 6 minutes. I figure I might as well try and save some money, and if it sucks, I’ll just let the pros handle it.


Anyone with experience doing headlights? Any advice? I want some really light stuff, just to tone down the chrome. What film should I get? Links?

Also, is it worth it to buy the warrantied film versus no warranty? Is there really any difference in the film - am I just buying insurance, or really a better quality film?

Thanks y’all!