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Anything interesting nearby for $5,000 or less?

I’m waiting around for the start of qualifying for the Mexican Grand Prix today and took a look around on Autotrader. It’s difficult to make an impulse purchase with cars since most people don’t have enough cash lying around to show up at a dealer and buy a brand new car. $5k is still a lot of money, but for people who save here and there, it’s not an unreasonable sum to have accessible. Anything cool nearby that you want to buy?

1983 BMW 733i - $2,850

Love this thing - looks pretty decent. Too bad the NA models were down on power compared to Euro models. Love that old 7-series look, though. Is parts availability and pricing good for a car like this?


1985 Toyota MR2 - $2,800

It’s mid-engined! Again, I don’t know anything about parts availability/pricing and how difficult either of these cars are to work on. My bigger fear is probably the snap-oversteer I’ve read about with these things. Looks so cool, though!


Anything interestingly cheap near you oppos?

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