Back in 2009, I failed out of Georgia Tech. No, the story with Georgia Tech does not end there. Some of you may know that yes, in fact, I did graduate from Tech with a ChemE degree. I started a Tech back in fall of 2008, where I basically took classes I had pretty much taken in high school; gen chem, calc 1, and biology. I did alright, but I didn’t really develop any study habits. Then spring semester my first year happened. I took physics 1, calc 2, CS 1371 (programing for engineers in MATLAB), inorganic chem, and inorganic lab. Well, I’ll let the results speak for themselves:

So, my GPA dropped to a 1.8, which is the minimum GPA you need to stay in Tech as a sophomore. I then followed that up by retaking both calc 2 and physics 1 that summer. I dropped calc 2 and got a D in physics 1. That brought me down to a 1.68, and as a result I failed out.

Earlier in the semester, when me getting a D in the class was almost all but certain, I had to figure out how I was going to stay in school. Grade replacement was my answer. 


This meant that I would be able to stay in school because the F I got would be removed from my GPA calculation.


The day grades came out, I went to Tech and personally walked the grade replacement around to everyone who needed to sign it. The change got applied that same day and I was back in school.

I worked my ass off fall 2009 to pass all my classes. I only got a 2.25 that semester, but I finally had the confidence and, more importantly, the study habits to pass that school. Eight years later, graduating from that school is still probably my biggest accomplishment.