Yes, I know that is some title gore on this post..

But anyways, I just want to take a quick second to compare the shifters on the the S2000 I just rented versus my own Miata. For reference, the Honda S2000 was a 2005 (So an AP2) with around 150k miles on it. And my Miata is a 2001 with around 180k miles on it. Both are six speed manuals and are in many ways comparable cars of similar vintage and mileage.

Maybe it was just this particular s2k example (I havent driven any others) but oh man was it night/day how much better the shifter is in my Miata. I returned the s2000 on Monday and when I got back in my Miata today, I was relieved at how simple every single shift was. Clutch feel is really about the same so it is just the shifter that was significantly different. It was just really notchy in the Honda and didnt have that “buttery smooth” feeling of my Miata. I was thinking I could use a shifter rebuild in my Miata but now I think it is perfectly fine.

Just curious if anyone else has driven both and come to same conclusion that Miata Shifter >>> S2k Shifter or if this Honda was just poorly maintained.


Full Miata vs S2000 comparison to come soon!