Back in the day I emptied out the disgusting storage closet on my deck, courtesy of the last owners of the condo. I TSP’d the walls until they were foaming, threw down an optic white paint job, used the doors from the old washer/dryer closet for shelving, and just like that... I had a place for everything tool related.

While the floor is still clear enough to walk to the back, the last year has really seen the number of tools/car parts multiply exponentially. I swear they're breeding in there. 


Unfortunately there’s only so much one can do with limited space. The picture above is AFTER cleaning and sorting things. I know where everything and can get to 90% or it without moving something else, so I guess I can’t really complain.

No more car parts in the living room at least!

In an effort to get rid of stuff, I’m thinking about using up some paint to do an accent wall in the living room or kitchen. I’ve got like 10 shades of grey, and a few grey-blues. Mostly satin, with a couple matte. Maybe I’ll do a nightsky mural. That could be a cool way to use everything up. Shit was expensive so I don’t want to toss it, but I’m also militant about getting rid of things

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