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APiDA Online : Knowledge Equals Horsepower

APiDA Online is a great source of Automotive Blogging and Journalism, Oppo, and you should really check it out.

I recently discovered APiDA and it's creator/owner and let me tell you, friends, it was a very worthwhile discovery. Why? Because reasons.


It started simply, it grew from envy to respect. I envied the man who'd bought and flipped so many very excellent cars - jealous of his skill, abilities and sheer determination. I saw this guy writing about these cars, cars I'd love to spend time with, that he would pick up on the cheap and repair to flip for a profit.

Intrigued, I started a dialogue with this individual and, much to my surprise, found a like minded mind, a sympathetic soul. That individual encouraged me to get back into writing articles instead of simply farting around on Oppo (not that I've stopped farting around on Oppo, mind you) and to once again explore the aspects of the hobby which exited me and more, that he'd happily welcome my work on APiDA online.

Okay, hold on - let me make this perfectly clear; I am but one contributor and while you may not enjoy the tone of my writing or may know me to be a loudmouthed so-and-so, you shouldn't be turned away by the fact that he's giving me a chance. Just skip my articles and read his (because they're actually much better and more entertaining than my own).

The point is this, Oppo, that you should take a moment to check out his site and you will get a FREE PORSCHE... wallpaper.


From articles on The Art Of The Flip to matters of Life and Epic Builds, I honestly believe that there is something there for everyone including some incredibly car-pornographic images fromC3 Photography.

Don't wait, clicksturbate!

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