I bought this Porsche 924 a few months back. There are many things wrong with it. I got it on the road for a weekend as Aaron Brown, JgrabowMST, Offroadkarter, A3Ro, 190E30, and ShelbyRacer78 can attest to. On the way back home after Caffeine and Carburetors the fuel system committed suicide on the side of the Merritt Parkway.

This list is for myself in a way, and for you guys to see what project car hell is like. As the age old adage goes, the cheapest Porsche is usually the most expensive. (Problems are listed from biggest to smallest)

-Fuel system does not work, car turns on for half a second and dies (working on this one).

-Steering alignment is wayyy off and the steering is completely vague. You can see that the wheels are both slightly outward (\ / <—- not that extreme but a slight case of this) when the steering wheel is straight. Also, ricer steering wheel.

-Brake pedal feel is practically non existent, brakes work and brake properly, but only at the very end of the pedal, leading me to think that there is something wrong with the front calipers (the rear drums are working properly as they lock up the wheels easily), master cylinder, or brake booster. Also the replacement brake line I made is super ghetto.


-The lack of exhaust makes the car horrifically loud. and the car makes back fire-y noises when letting off throttle (good thing?)

-drivers door handle does not open the door, there is a fragment of a key in the passenger door, so to lock the car I have to shut both lock pins, close the hatch, and then unlock it through the hatch.

-it's really slow, but I guess that's just #924lyfe.

-Blue LEDs in gauge cluster make my eyes bleed

-the car leaks like a sieve in rain.

-I have to remove the super way too nice Ferrari 348 seats that the PO managed to put in the car because they are probably worth more than the car is.


-Dash cracked, a lot.

-Cracked windshield.

-No inspection.

-Hella body roll.

-Headlights are horrific, but thats probably just sealed beams and me being used to HIDs.


-Big-ass dent on the passenger door that I need to pop out, lower valence is destroyed.

-Paint is OK on the rear half of the car, really bad in the front half.

-Speedo doesn't work.

-A/C doesn't work (obviously.)

-Horrific window tints that I can't remove easily.

-The carpets are destroyed and moist.

-Hatch is delaminating, and putting new struts on it caused it to delaminate even more.


These are all the things off the top of my head. I'm thinking of solving many of these problems by just going "race-car" style and stripping the interior bare, adding tons of lightness, coil overs, and just delete all the unnecessary garbage like A/C, unnecessary electrics, rear seats, plastic pieces, etc. And give it the non pop-up headlight mod with projector HIDs so that I can actually see at night. Ideas?