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Apocalypse Challenge - Pick ONE car to save you - Rules Here

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OK, so here is the Apocalypse challenge. You are healthy and told to move immediate family on a 650 Mile trip to some Nevada Airbase, one vehicle allowed per family. Gotta make it fast. First come, first served. You are late, you die. From your CURRENT vehicles, pick ONE the one you will use for an extended amount of time and tell us what cars are you leaving behind and why. PICK ONLY ONE CAR OR SUV or BIKE you currently have:

I start:

I will take: 2012 Saab 9-5 4-cyl Turbo - Odd choice, I know. But it is as large as my Phaeton (see below), gets decent gas mileage on a full tank in the highway (near 400 miles), has navigation and entertainment system. It will do good speed and has been reliable, even if about to reach 125K miles The odd parts will break down as expected, even if the turbos die, it will run, but the main engine, tranny and other components are GM sourced.


I will say goodbye to:

My fast coupes: The wonder Mitsubishi twins 1995 Spyder and Coupe VR4s (too small, one may overheat and not make it) and the 2015 FR-S I take to the track. I will cry. Dont get me anywhere near a gun.


My Small Soldiers: 2012 Suzuki Kizashi - Too thirsty for this mission, a bit small if the family has to fit. 2001 330i Manual - also too small and has been having overheating issues, it will be traffic and lines to get there. It will overheat I’m afraid.

My German Tank: 2005 Volkwagen Phaeton: I almost took this one and it is a strong candidate to keep going, it has the right size, but the V8 is mighty thirsty getting around 320 miles a tank, and we are making the least stops to get there. And a repair may need parts not on the counter.


So, PICK ONE and God have mercy on your ride. Be Safe!

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