No surprise, actually.

It’s sad, though, that Cali folks seem to think they’re the first ones to think this up.

I’m pretty sure Texas thought this up first. And talking post-civil war here, but legally trying to secede. Texas has been working on this for years.

This article details the problem with the sentiment, and why it’s not going to happen.


More importantly, I think the motivation behind it is insightful, too.

Texans have been trying to secede for decades, with the latest referendum on the subject in March of this year. And it was mostly the result of a natural sense of independence rather than as a response to the political climate (not that the effort loses steam when “political” stimuli are contrary to the state’s views).


Californians have recently started talking about trying to secede in response to something that happened recently. (yes, I used recently twice on purpose. This just cropped up).

I’ve said it already and I’ve said it again - let’s get over it people.

The last eight years sucked for conservatives. Now it’s your turn. I’ve been surprised to see that much has been written and said about the Left’s inability to see - let alone understand or sympathize - the opinions of the Right.


But this desire to rage-quit the country is just another manifestation of the principle. They can’t understand that the other team had to take their lumps when they won, and are unwilling to take those same lumps when they lose.


There are winners and losers.

No, everyone does NOT get a participation trophy.

Grow up. Stop being such crybabies.

Don’t want to hear it from me?

Jonathon Pie nails it, too.

Grow up indeed.